.:: DJ Asherun ::.

Asher Ezra, also known as DJ Asherun, was born in the land of Israel in 1975. He started DJ'ing rock music on vinyls in the 90's at the age of 16, and went to his first trance party in 1992, which completely changed his life. He started to collect trance music ..nd vinyl, and his first gig at a trance-party in 1994 was a great experience, which led to more and more gigs at bigger and bigger parties - at first mostly parties organised by friends, later on also getting bookings from other organizers around the country. In 1996 on a travel to Goa he met Tomasz Balicki (better known as Atmos), and they became close friends, which led to Asher moving to Gothenburg in Sweden, sharing apartment with Atmos and Noma, getting inspired by their music and sound. Asher went on to be one of the pioneers of the new Scandinavian progressive sound in Europe and especially in Israel, and over the years he played in countries like Sweden, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and different parts of Asia - from both small and big parties, to some of the biggest festivals. In 1999 he joined one of Israels most important labels USTA (who have just changed name from Krembo) as A&R and musical management, and compiled the compilation "Israeli flip on Henfield", containing tracks from artists like Human Blue, S>Range, Parasense and Matenda. In 2001 he left USTA to make his own label "Dance N Dust Records", and after a thorough collection of tunes he released the labels first release "Israeli Pitch Process" - a compilation containing a mix of great psychedelic sounds and progressive tunes, containing tracks from Matenda, triplex , insect sun and many more Since then more and more great artists and world wide connections have released on "Dance N Dust Records" - artists like Son Kite, Ticon, FREq, Vibrasphere, Etnoscope and Shaman. But Asherun is also dedicated to promoting new talents, and some of the labels newest signings are Threshold Productions from Sweden, Decoy from Australia, Darwish from Israel, Pythagoraz from Denmark and FLAME ON FIRE from greece. Over the years Asherun has received help and exchanged experiences with some of the most prominent artists on the scene today like Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere, FREq, Synchro, Shaman, D-Nox, Triplex, Human Blue and many more. For the last few years Asherun has produced music under the project Sweird and DJ Asherun, the first track being a huge dance floor track of a collaboration with Darwish, which was released on "Dance N Dust Records" 5th compilation "Double D". asherun compiled more musical compilation like "dusty nation part 3" and music producer for decoy (australia) ,el zisco (germany) and flame on fire more good release are on the way on compilations, albums , vinyl and digital format releases .

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